Frequently Asked Questions

How does the reward scheme work?2019-02-13T15:47:32+00:00

CONCENSUM block reward refers to the CONCENSUM block that are awarded by the blockchain network to the stakers for each block they stake successfully. At the beginning each block will be rewarded with 22 CEN.

What is the CONCENSUM wallet?2019-02-13T15:47:37+00:00

The CONCENSUM Core Wallet is a desktop client software for the CONCENSUM Blockchain. The official desktop wallet for CONCENSUM Blockchain enables you to send, receive and store your funds with support for smart contracts. (You can download the wallet here).

What is the CONCENSUM blockchain explorer?2019-02-13T15:47:41+00:00

CONCENSUM Block Explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about CONCENSUM blocks, addresses, and transactions. You can download the blockchain explorer here.

What if I need assistance?2019-02-13T15:47:45+00:00

We are happy to assist you! For general information, please contact us at contact@concensum.org or use our contact form. For business cooperation, please contact us at cooperation@concensum.org .

Which exchanges will CPY & CEN be listed on?2019-02-13T15:47:49+00:00

CPY is currently listed on these three exchanges:

HitBTC: https://hitbtc.com/exchange/CPY-to-ETH

TDAX: https://tdax.com/exchange/market/CPY-ETH

IDEX: https://idex.market/eth/cpy

After the token swap into CEN token and the ramp-up phase of the CONCENSUM blockchain we will try to get CEN listed on as many exchanges as possible.

What is the token swap and why is it necessary?2019-02-13T15:47:54+00:00

CONCENSUM operates its own QTUM based blockchain. CPY is the initial ERC20 token used by the company in an ICO with and it is traded on various exchanges. Therefore CPY token will be swapped into CEN token shortly after CONCENSUM, the Global Copyright Register, goes online. The token swap will be manual and supported by an easy-to-use application. Once CPY is swapped into CEN, the token cannot be swapped back into CPY. In the long run CEN will replace CPY completely.

What is the difference between CPY & CEN?2019-02-13T15:47:57+00:00

CPY is the initial ERC20 token used by the company for the ICO and it is traded on various exchanges. CPY token will be swapped into CEN token shortly after CONCENSUM goes live. CEN token are based on CONCENSUM blockchain.

What is COPYTRACK?2019-02-13T15:48:01+00:00

COPYTRACK monitors global online use of images and deals with subsequent licensing and rights enforcement worldwide. The company is based in Berlin.

What is CONCENSUM?2019-02-13T15:48:06+00:00

CONCENSUM connects the copyright of digital content with its authors, based on blockchain technology to protect their assets worldwide. The company is based in Singapore.