CONCENSUM’s response to recent rumours

Dear Community, Dear CPY-Owner,

It has come to our attention that there are people out there trying to put our company in bad light. We know which persons are behind this and have already taken steps to reverse that and correct those with false opinions.

Some comments that have come up:

Is CONCENSUM PTE Ltd. (former COPYTRACK PTE Ltd.) Scam or a Shell?

We can reassure you that the company is on track as previously outlined in the white paper:

  • The website is launched (
  • The application was developed and is already online (registration via website)
  • Our blockchain is developed and the Main-Net is online
  • The token swap will also take place shortly

In short: We are one of the few ICOs to deliver the product according to the roadmap.

What is the connection between COPYTRACK GmbH, COPYTRACK PTE Ltd, CONCENSUM PTE Ltd?

In our white paper, we have made clear that there is an existing company, COPYTRACK GmbH “Global Copyright Enforcement” in Berlin, which is a world market leader in the area of copyright enforcement.

We have also stated that we have established COPYTRACK PTE Ltd. Global copyright register in Singapore and are conducting the ICO with it.

That COPYTRACK PTE Ltd. will benefit from the expertise and COPYTRACK GmbH is obvious and a great advantage for COPYTRACK PTE Ltd.

Furthermore, we had the overall concept examined by a major international law firm.

During the ICO the community and investors suggested a more foundation-like and less commercial approach of The Global Copyright Register. Therefore, we decided to transfer COPYTRACK PTE Ltd. into a foundation in the long run in order to find broad international acceptance.
This also required a clear differentiation from the more commercial COPYTRACK GmbH, the Global Copyright Enforcement business.
The foundation approach, the differentiation and the announced token swap resulted in CONCENSUM PTE Ltd. and CEN as the new token symbol.
For CPY-Owner and the community, there is no disadvantage or change in direction, content or benefits at all. Also, the close technology and business partnership with COPYTRACK GmbH will remain.

What is the Entity setup in Singapore about?

Asia is the most growing market in the world, the majority of the world population is Asian and already more than 20% of our client base is from Asia. Further Singapore is one of the most trusted countries for intellectual property in the world. So it was just logic for us to choose Singapore as our base.

It is a legal requirement in Singapore to have a local citizen on the board of directors.

This is why Singapore has a history of director services. Since it is a must, we also have to use a director service, that we also use as a registration address. There is no reason to see something suspicious behind a legal requirement.

Is there a team?

Of course! We have an international team working at COPYTRACK, CONCENSUM, as well as for other projects.

The team is currently about 45 people, including 30 employees and 15 external hires. It is in the total interest of CONCENSUM to benefit from the expertise of this team. There is nothing to hide and we use our resources for the benefit of the projects.

Because of these strange accusations, we now produced a video with most of the team members and will release it soon.

Will there be a Foundation?

They claim that the foundation is no longer a topic. That´s simply wrong.

The contrary, we will turn CONCENSUM into a foundation in the long run.

Setting up a foundation is complex and also a time-consuming process and has to be done thoroughly.

The value of CPY dropped

CPY and after the token swap, CEN is a utility token.

Besides having described in the whitepaper, a utility token has to be used in order to increase in value.

Since the roadmap clearly stated that after the ICO we will finish developing the product until July (which we did and delivered), it is only normal that the value dropped.

The token cannot be used without a product.

Now we have launched the product, we will soon inform about the token swap and the token can be used within the platform. Only from then on, we can expect the token to increase its value.

We would be pleased if you do not support this attempt to put CONCENSUM in a bad light but continue to work with us on this great product.

We thank our community for their support,

Marcus Schmitt


(Board of Directors)