CONCENSUM is live and on Main-Net

We are very proud to announce that THE CONCENSUM GLOBAL COPYRIGHT REGISTER is live now and available for all copyright owners to protect photos and other images from theft.

THE CONCENSUM GLOBAL COPYRIGHT REGISTER is the first worldwide registry based on blockchain technology that connects photography and image copyrights with their respective authors to protect their assets worldwide.

It solves the issue of a non-existent globally accepted copyright registry for images. Before CONCENSUM, proving ownership of digital images was extremely difficult, since metadata is routinely stripped by websites, search engines, and social media platforms. With CONCENSUM, photographers and graphic designers now have an easy way to register their images online. This puts an end to one of the defenses employed by people who use images online without paying — that they don’t know who owns the photos. By using CONCENSUM’s worldwide registry, photographers and other content providers now have an easy way to register and track their digital content online and get the compensation they deserve.

CONCENSUM’s blockchain is public and can potentially also be used by third parties to create registers for digital music, videos, and more.

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Blockchain is Safe to Use with User Authentication and Validation Services

A major benefit of the CONCENSUM GLOBAL COPYRIGHT REGISTER is that it is safe and easy to use. Before registering the first image, each user will go through an authentication procedure via video identification. After images are registered, CONCENSUM provides the user with a certificate for each registered image. Certificate validity can be confirmed online and every single piece of information in the certificate can be referenced, checked, and validated with CONCENSUM’s three levels of validation. More information about CONCENSUM validation is available at:

For more information about CONCENSUM, please visit

More Information about CONCENSUM Validation